Johnny Montana

Worked as a producer and music supervisor on this wonderful indie film, Johnny Montana.
Johnny Montana is frustrated, trapped living at home in blue-collar Brooklyn with his aging parents, unemployed brother..and no plan to get out.
The one bright star in his sky is Laura, who believes in him but her brother tries to keep them apart. Johnny wants to be a “somebody”, even acquiring the last name of his hero, Joe Montana. Luck lands Johnny a concierge job at an upscale Manhattan apartment building.
But soon after Johnny finds he is selling his soul to a world where money trumps all.
Back Story:
Shot over 360 days in 60 New York locations, entirely “guerilla-style”, Johnny Montana captures New York’s vibrant grittiness un-sanitized.
From subway cars to penthouses, Time Square to Rockefeller Center, New York isn’t just a backdrop, its a character in itself.

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